Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas sewing :)

Well - it's actually sewing I've completed this month, lol.  Tis  the time to get some things done, to cross other things off of the To Do list, and to eat far too many cookies - I'm very good at the last one!  ;)

Dog poop bag dispensers :D
Simple kids apron - tutorial here :)

I didn't make this - the amazing Tamara @ Etsy did - is this not the FUNNIEST THING EVER??!!  I bought several for Christmas gifts :D
2 strawberry zip pocket pouches with strawberry pulls :D  Pattern from Michelle Patterns :)

Upcycled (from my son's work jeans!) denim zipper bag - lined with money fabric from Joanns, and embellished with some studs my sewy friend gave me :D
Snowman apron for the daughter of a friend of a friend ;)  Same tutorial as above :)


  1. Great finishes, Sandra. You must be almost there!

  2. You always choose such fun fabrics. Love the money fabric and it's the first time I've heard of dog poop bag dispensers LOLLL Everything looks great. Good to see your list diminishing.

  3. great gifts! Your list keeps on growing and mine keeps shrinking! I love the aprons, know those will be adored!

  4. me too! I'm doing a marvellous job of stuffing my face!

    do I recognise that doggie fabric?

  5. The money fabric on the inside of the pouch is almost as funny as the wtf pouch. What a great use of that fabric. Now you get to say you gave that giftee a pouch full of money.

  6. I love all the groovy fabrics you
    find!! They're pretty cool.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Wow Sandra, you've been busy! Your creations are so adorable and practical. Oh and I'm also good at eating (too many) cookies! lol Enjoy your holidays!!

  8. Such cute little pouches and aprons!!! You are always sewing up a storm!!!


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