Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November finishes :)

Christmas sewing and prep is in full swing, so posting and internet fun has been in short supply (although I've certainly managed to get a good amount of online shopping done, lol).  Here are some of my November finishes :)

Simple wallets, from this tutorial.  My changes:  1/4" to L + W when cutting (8 1/4 X 4 1/4 X 3, 8 1/4 X 10 3/4 X 1) - stitch 1/4" on either side of centre when making slot pocket piece - scant 3/8" seam allowance around outer edge.  These ones are Christmas and a birthday gift :)

Simple 4 patch/9 patch QAYG quilt :D  Backing and binding is the same brown TOT print used in the alternate blocks.  

Close-up of the jungle prints in Connor's quilt :)

The gift set for Connor - bib (backed with brown chenille), and quilt (36" x 36"). 
3 more polar bear washcloth puppets (Christmas gifts) - tutorial here :) 
Lotta Jansdotter use-up-flannel bibs - these are going to Blue Hills :)
More to come :D


  1. Good to see someone organized in time for Christmas. I haven't even started thinking about it yet. Love everything you've made. I wonder if you'll get the wallet bug too. Gorgeous quilt.

  2. No wonder you've had little time for posting, Sandra. It's not going to happen before Christmas, but I AM going to make some of those wallets... love them

  3. You have a great lot of gifts there, Sandra.

  4. such an assortment! Love the wallets and I love that curved corner on the quilt


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