Friday, December 13, 2013

Cookin' with the littles :D

More Christmas sewing done :) Here are some gifties that I'll be delivering next week - I'm having a lot of fun making these aprons - I have a bunch more cut out for Blue Hills - I'll get working on them after Christmas :D  I also got more ric rac for more airplanes - they're a lot of fun as well :D

A couple of fabric airplanes and a simple apron.  I added a pocket to the front of the apron - perhaps kiddo can hide a cookie in there while (s)he is cooking :D

Close-up of the frog buttons on the frog apron :D

Paddington Bear apron with added pocket, and fabric airplanes.

Sock monkey apron with added pocket, and more fabric airplanes.

Close-up of the buttons on the sock monkey apron :D

This is Matt the gingerbread doll :D  I post his picture a while ago when I made him - his new brother, my great-nephew Lleyton, named him Matt.  MATT! LOL!!!  Fine name, I think :D


  1. There will some happy kids to receive those. Well done.

  2. Those frog buttons are awesome!!! There's going to be some happy little chefs around...

  3. LOL! Love that Matt :D These are cute projects. It always made Helena important to put on her apron! :) I know these gifts will be loved! We are preparing for snow here!
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. How cute! Yep, his name is definitely Matt, good name for a gingerbread man.

  5. You have been making such cute aprons, and so many other great gifts. Matt is very cute.

  6. Love the aprons and the planes are different. Great gingerbread man. Matt the Man :)

  7. It's all so cute! It's like Santa's workshop over there!

  8. Sandra, you are so creative! Love the gingerbread guy - "Matt" sounds like a perfect name for him!

  9. Ha!! I love Matt. He's very cute =D


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