Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More February sewing

Sewing tends to ensue when weather conditions include words like cold or blustery or snowy or bone-chilling - that's a good thing ;)

Another batch of Lil Blue Boo's bunny zipper pouches for a brother/sister/brother combo ;)

**New to me project - drawstring gift bag from Zakka Handmades by Amy Morinaka :)**

Toddler apron - the smallest size (they say it's size 3-5, but I say it's more 18m-2T!) - a gift :)

Superhero cape (sz. 4) and matching zipper bags (using up the scraps) :)

Superhero capes for a gift - sz. 6 :)
Beach tote :)
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  1. Gee Sandra. Your last post had so much eye candy I did not know where to start on a comment. And now you have already shared a bunch more fun and wonderful stuff. I so want to make some of those cute items and have gotten as far as pulling fabrics. :-)

  2. Your bunny pouches are so sweet ! Lovely hero capes and apron !
    And I like the beach tote with the flowers ! It's great !

  3. Love the idea of zipper pouches with the superhero capes. The beach tote is fabulous... looks like there's lots of pockets. People might start talking if you take rice to the beach, though.

  4. Love that beach tote! What are those--inside pockets?? Must have that pattern.

    Day care kids had a couple of superhero capes that were highly prized. Must really make the little urchins some of those. The present two capes for ten kids is an invitation to a whinefest. Well, at least I don't have to listen anymore. Yay!

  5. I need some of your energy can you post some to me LOLL. Love the drawstring gift bag. I haven't seen one like that before. Everything looks great as usual and there will be alot of happy people thanks to your talent.

  6. I love those rabbit pouches! What on earth is the prickly thing next to the draw string bag???

    1. HAHA that's my pincushion - I made it a few years ago when I was visiting a friend in Ohio! It's a pear, although it may look more like a porcupine? LOL!

  7. I'm still catching up on blog reading. Loved the tour of your son's house - looks good. Lots more wonderful sewing projects have come out of your sewing cave. Cute bunny pouches.

  8. I wish I was being as productive as you are! Feb. has been a busy work month for me, so I haven't seemed to get much sewing done. Maybe next month :)

  9. I so love your rabbits and the drawstring bag is lovely! I like your pincushion too :)

  10. Lovely project Sandra. The rabbit pouches are absolutely adorable!

  11. Wow, so many fun things for the little ones!

  12. Hello my dear friend. Love your projects, your blog is such an inspiration to me :-)

    congrats to the Olympic gold in icehockey ;-)

  13. You are a "Sewing Machine" girl! I hope you still find time for some snacks. Every girl needs some chocolate :)

  14. Wow you have been busy! I especially adore your linen drawstring bag... I thank you so much for creating such loveliness from my book, as always!! Love from California


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