Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting through the bunny list :D

Mesh and zipper bags, to go with the beach bag I made earlier:)  Mesh bag (for seashells) is 11x15, and the zipper pouches, made with scraps from the beach bag, are about 8.5x9.5 :)
A few more Lil Blue Boo bunnies, along with their gift wrap (aka the drawstring bag) :)

The last batch, at least at this point, lol, of Lil Blue Boo bunnies for Easter gifts :)  Now that all the bunnies are stitched I'm making gift bags for them :)
Happily, the worst of winter may finally be over, although I'm sure we're going to get hammered at least once or twice more before we can count it as done.  The sun is shining ever so brightly, and the snow has started to melt, but oh my it's muddy and dirty out there.  I took these bunny pictures on my front porch a few minutes ago - it's windy and the wind was actually holding the bags in place, LOL.  Suction wind!


  1. Both your flowery zipper bag AND the bunnies are terribly sweet.

    I just found you through "Mandarine' where I read that you like to see lots of cat pictures. I also got 3 of those trouble makers. If you'd like to see their pictures feel free to
    click on the item "happy cat" in my blog:


    Brigitte from Belgium

  2. Go bunnies! Looks good :) I hope you are seeing signs of spring! We still have a lot of snow here on the ground (and possibly more tomorrow) but we are experiencing melting today and we'll take it! Think Spring! :) Hugs, Mickie

  3. ARG! Having trouble posting comments again. Well, if the last one failed, I really like that seashell bag idea. Mesh is perfect.

  4. I just love those bunnies, beautiful bright colours, they're adorable. I don't know how you can put up with snow for so long. We had a load of it for a few days and I thought it was the end of the world.

  5. I adore your bunnies! How many have you made now?

  6. Hey Sandra- You are inspiring me to make a bunny. It would be a fun gift for my sis, maybe some tiny wrapped chocolates tucked in its' tummy would make it extra special.
    I have some mesh somewhere in my stash, I think there is some yellow and maybe purple. No idea why I purchased but now you have given me some ideas on how to use it.

  7. The bunnies are multiplying. They'll make awesome Easter gifts!!!

  8. aaah, look at those little bunnies sitting on the bench. i think you should make one at 400% and call it Tiff


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