Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crowns and tiaras and aprons - oh my! And don't forget the gift bags :D

It turns out - making crowns is a lot of fun, lol. Tiaras too!   This tutorial is what I used to make the first tiara, then I changed her velcro closure to elastic for the rest of them.  I liked the shape of this one, so I bought the pattern and will try it next :D  I also like these ones and want to try them as well - I think there are lots of crowns and tiaras in my future! 

Tiaras and a crown - tutorial here :)  I changed the velcro closure to fabric covered elastic for these - I think it works better for kids (and their moms!) :)

Toddler aprons - the one on the left is a birthday gift, and the one on the right will go to Blue Hills :)
Fabric gift bags - 7" x 9.5" - I forget which size pattern I used but these bags were modified to use up some scraps I had :D   Pattern here :)
I try to use as many fabric gift bags as possible - at Christmas I noticed I was short on smaller bags, so I've started making some.  This design is from Jeni at In Color Order - she has a free tutorial on her website, but also sells the pattern with cutting directions for bags in different sizes.  I like the free tutorial but I didn't want to do the math for the other bags, so I bought the pattern :D

(BTW - when I post a link for a $ pattern it's usually one I've bought myself for personal use.  I don't advertise, and I don't do affiliate links.)


  1. great projects, those crowns are the bomb! What fun :) pretty cold here today, did you get snow? we lucked out!

  2. Everything looks so nice but those crowns are adorable. I've never seen any like this before. I know a little girl who will be 1 soon maybe if I get the time I can make one for her. Jewels would look nice sewn on. Not real ones of course LOLLL

  3. I can see lots of crowns and tiaras in your future, too, especially ones with bling. Featured today...


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