Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bye Bye Slobalt :)

Our youngest son has traded in his old car - Slobalt the Cobalt - here he is changing the tires out before taking it to the dealer for the big switcheroo.

While we have Slowbie out posing for photos, here's a little gifty I whipped up yesterday for part of a birthday gift - Scottie the Scottie (a new to me project from a free pattern here) :)

 OK - time to leave, Slobalt - it was nice knowing you :)  Good luck in your new driveway - be good!

Bye bye!!

No wonder the Slobalt is leaving - look how dirty the snow is around here, lol!

A few hours later - Slobalt 2 - aka a new 2012 Honda Civic SI (187 kms on it) - has arrived and is now gracing our driveway.  Scottie (now wearing his new jingle collar) wants to take the car for a spin :D

Checking to see if there's enough trunk space :)
Where are the keys, human??!!!
New car adventures now await my young man :)  BTW - the Honda only stayed home for about 30 minutes so he could show it to his brother and I - it's now off on the previously mentioned adventures, lol :D

It's been a pretty good day for a happy 23 year old!


  1. I hope he has lots of fun adventures in his new Slobat 2, and that it keeps him safely travelling for as long as he has it. Lovely Scottie, and much more finished looking now with his collar.

  2. Scottie is adorable, and that new car is pretty smart too :)

  3. Your scottie dog is a lovely addition to both cars! Hope your son enjoys his new one :)

  4. Scottie is really cute and obviously he likes cars too ! Lovely car, your son will enjoy it a lot ! It's fun to see that there still is some snow there. When does spring start in Canada ? Last year we had snow until april but this year we've already had a lot of sunshine :-)


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