Thursday, March 27, 2014

New to me projects for March :D

March was a good month for trying out some of my pinned projects, and even a few patterns and tutorials I've got stored away :)  I bet I'm not the only one that feels somewhat guilty about buying or finding projects to do, then never getting around to trying them out :D 

 I should have started making these AGES ago - they're sooooo cute!  Princess tiaras - I changed her velcro closure to an elastic band :)
Earbud pouch (I've made many of these), and heart zippy - the heart is the one I haven't tried before :)

Upcycled bibs embellished with lace and trim :)  I pinned the project a few weeks ago but didn't pin the original url, unfortunately, so I don't know which Etsy shop posted them first.  Here are my versions, made with denim from our youngest son's worn out work jeans :D

Michelle Patterns coin pouch (NAYY) - I bought the pattern a while ago and finally made it!  It's very small - 4"w x 3"t - I made a little error when I was cutting the pieces, so mine may be a touch smaller than it should be.  Not difficult to make, just a tiny bit fiddly because of the small size + my tetchy fingers :)

Bunnies!  3 different bunnies, just in time for Easter :D The bunny on the left is actually made from Lil Boo Blue's bunny zipper pouch pattern - it's 6"w x 9"t.  The middle bunny is Basil, from retromama on Etsy - this one is 10w x 12t - I'm not even going to admit how long ago I bought the pattern :D  The bun on the right was made from a pattern I found and pinned - it was just what I wanted for a baby for Easter - he measures 8w x 9t :)

Drawstring bags - made from a book, Fast Fun Critter Bags (which I bought in 2011!) (NAYY).  The blue one is 7w x 13t, and the orange one is 8w x 14t - I enlarged her to use up a specific piece of fleece I had in stash :D  Great book - I'll be making more goodies from it as time progresses :D

I pinned a monster drawstring bag photo recently because I thought it was adorable - I decided to give it a try, using a pattern I already have - the face from monster bibs by stubbornlycrafty (I've made many of those :D)  This bag measures 11w x 15t - it'll be a gift (a gift that the recipient gives away, hehe) :)
Here's my entry for the Sew Crazy "It's in the Bag" challenge that's running this month over at Crazy Little Projects. I wanted to have several of these done - a huddle of penguins, if you will!! - but alas, time got away from me. I'm very happy with my first one though, so into the contest he goes! [He was originally posted here, but I wanted to showcase him on this page of new to me and contest entry projects :)]

I love this penguin zipper pouch - I'm glad I bought the pattern - I can't wait to see what other designs she comes up with :)  Pattern is f/s on Etsy :D
 Linking up to New to Me in 2014 (March) from Celtic Thistle Stitches :), and the Sew Crazy It's in the Bag March challenge from Crazy Little Projects :)


  1. Great projects,Sandra!The last one is awesome-I love it!!!

  2. Lovely work, as usual, my crafty friend! I love the bunnies and the monster gift bag the most.

  3. All these projects are so lovely ! The bunnies are really cute ! I also love the fabric with the trains. Well done !!

  4. So many lovely and useful projects. The monster drawstring bag is so cute.

  5. What a great bunch of projects Sandra, the bunnies are my favourite too.

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me too.

  6. the zippy heart looks fiddly, but it also looks great. I'm loving the bunny bags and of course the stuffed bunnies. I've made quite a few Basil's, though none of them were called Basil. such fab stuff again Sandra, I'm very much enjoying your animal pouch phase!

  7. All are adorable! You have been a busy lady. Those blue zips are a perfect match for the fabric.

  8. So many lovely projects. I started off saying ohhhhh I like that one and carried on right down to the last one. I especially like that you've recycled your sons trousers. I used to do that when I started making bags and my friends would tell hubby and son to hang onto their trousers for dear life or else I'd take the scissors to them LOLL

  9. Cute overload, Sandra! Love the fun sewing you're doing - especially the various bunnies. Course now when I see bunnies, I think of Wendy (and Colin, Tiff....&). ;o)

  10. Another busy, busy month!!! The little critter bags are ever so cute and I bet those tiaras go down well with the recipients.

  11. Such fun projects! I love the tiaras :)

  12. Wow you've been very busy, love those tiaras.


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