Tuesday, March 11, 2014

There's a major late winter storm headed our way ...

so I ran out to the front porch and took a few pictures while I still had sunshine :D

Gong Gong wearing his blinged out tiara - very regal :)  This was my first attempt at a crown - I'm not too fond of the velcro closure, and will do elastic next time around.  Tutorial here -  IIRC she doesn't say what size this is or what age it's for, so I'll test drive it on my neighbour's 2 1/2 year old little girl :)  If it fits her she can have it, and I'll make more!

My first penguin pouch, pattern purchased on Etsy :)   This one measures 9.5" wide x 6.5" tall - it'll hold LOTS of goodies.  More of these to come - this was fun to do :D  The pattern designer - Lisa @ Stubbornly Crafty - is designing more patterns so "watch this space", lol!

A "use up the scraps of this owl print" tall pouch :D  Measures 9" wide by 10.5" tall x 3.5" deep :)


  1. I liked the in person show and tell! That penguin is adorable! Well done!

  2. Aw, really cute projects. I really like the owl fabric :-)

  3. That penguin purse is just ADORABLE!!! Headed off to look at the tiara tutorial... would be good for the dress up box.

  4. More cute stitching there - I do like the penguin purse. Those bunnies have multiplied too.(previous posts)

  5. that penguin pouch is fab, loving your animal pouches! Poor Gong gong, now all the other pandas think he's a bit camp... how's he going to get his masculine reputation back??

  6. That little penguin pouch is so adorable! I'm planning to make some little bunny treat bags for the nephews and niece for Easter.

  7. The penguin pouch is brilliant Sandra, must check out that Etsy store!


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