Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April sewing - several finishes :)

Drawstring gift bag - 10" x 17" - birdy applique from Shiny Happy World :D  The pink gingham seersucker was from remnants given to me from someone's auntie's sewing room clean-out :D  I have enough to make another 4 or 6 bags :)

Co-ordinating aprons for 2 x 3 year old BFFs - these are the largest size from this tutorial, and are part of a Christmas gift set.

Ladybug superhero capes (the gingham print is the lining).  These are size 4 in the pattern from this Etsy store - both are gifts :)

Christmas gift tiaras from this tutorial - note the Santa jingle bell embellishment, along with the "jewel" bling :)

Tall pouch made with floral fabric from the auntie's fabric clean-out :D 11"w x 9.5"t x 3.5"d

A rocket zippy!  A ROCKET! LOL!  My first attempt at this new-to-me pattern - it didn't work out completely perfectly (I cut the vinyl window too small and then I accidentally melted the seam allowance with my iron, oops) - my next ones will be better :)  Fun pattern!  Including fins, it measures 9"w x 6.5"t :)

Handled boxy bag (10"l x 4"w x 3"t) made with sushi fabric :D  I took a closeup picture of the zipper pull - it's an owl jingle bell so it doesn't match the sushi theme, but it was the right colour for the bag, so I added it for fun - I don't think anyone will complain :)
ETA:  Rocket zipper bag uploaded to the "New to Me in 2014" linky party @ Celtic Stitches - here :)


  1. I love the pouches with the sushi fabric! :)

  2. Sandra!!! What snazzy things you've been making!!! So cute. Lots of different
    sorts of projects, really fun. I love it when you get on a roll like that and all
    sorts of magnificent goodies are made.Love the birdie!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. I love that birdy one! Adorable!
    Also, you gotta love sushi that smiles.
    Lovely work as usual, my crafty pal!

  4. Christmas crowns... what a fun idea!!! 10" x 17" is a decent size for a gift bag, so you must, of course, already know what's going to go inside... love the gingham!!! And the 4 year olds are going to have so much fun with their super hero capes.

  5. You've had another great month! I especially like the superhero capes and tiaras :)


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