Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catching up on photos ... and a shark fail :)

For your viewing entertainment ...a shark fail :D  I was trying to make a shark hooded towel.  Apparently, my hand towel wasn't the same size/proportion as the one in the tutorial, as this is what I ended up with - quite unusable!  I asked DS1 to model it for me, and he was upset that I wouldn't let him take it home with him, lol.  I need to keep it until I get the sizing right, so I'll have an example of what size NOT to use - he can have it when I get it figured out :D  He may look grumpy in these pictures but he wasn't - he thought my end result was ridiculously amusing :)

Monster drawstring bags - 10" x 17" :) 

Christmas drawstring gift bags :) 9.5x18, 14.5x20, 9.5x18.  HAHA oh no - I just noticed the "type your text here" watermark - I have no idea how I got that there, LOL!

Drawstring gift bag 9x17, made from a Joanns FQ :)

My version of a project I pinned - I like theirs better, LOL.  My scale isn't as nice as theirs!  Denim is from a pair of DS2's worn out work jeans :D

Drawstring gift bags made from Amy Morinaka's Zakka Handmades book :) - I upsized the pattern by about - IIRC - 50% - mine measure 7.5"w x 9"t :)

Use-up-the-last-bits-of-fabrics pillowcases :)


  1. So much stuff! Where to start the commenting... Well, I like your pouch better. Too bad about the shark towel. You finished the hard part! It does look lovely on the ds. I'm worn out! So many great projects here

  2. The shark hood pictures are hilarious, thanks for brightening up a grey and misty morning :)

  3. Look at all those great gift bags. I'm thinking you already know what will be put inside them. Love the monster bags. Would you like the denim pouch better if you moved the small buttons closer to the large one? That's the only difference I can see.

  4. ha ha ha! ha ha ha!! That's brilliant! You should make him wear it all winter. I don't see a towel at all on it? It just looks like a shark hat.

  5. That little denim pouch is adorable! I have saved some of my husbands old jeans, and I didn't even think of using them to make pouches! Thanks for the idea share!

  6. The things our son does for you!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a good sport and we appreciate his help with the modeling. Your pouches look really nice and as always love your fabric choices.

  7. Love the shark, even if it didn't come out right! Can't wait to see the finished product. I have been thinking about making one for my daughter. We have a shark hooded towel we got when she was a baby but she needs some new ones. They are so much more fun than regular towels :)


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