Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday Makers! #11 :)

*Sandra runs to computer with camera card to quickly upload pic before Monday Makers! #11 deadline!* :)  Here's the project I got started on yesterday - the last Bedbuggs shark stuffy I needed for my shark Christmas gift sets :)   I'd been working on gift bags and forgot that I wanted to get this started, so my goal is now to get it completed this week so I can mark the gift off of my To Do list :D

My plan for last week was to finish my monster backpack, but alas, I can't find the hardware and haven't been able to get to the fabric store to buy more.  I'll try to get it finished this week as well :D

Posting to Monday Makers! #11 - made it with 11 minutes to spare - that was close, LOL!


  1. Is that minkee you're working on??? I have the worst time with it and could use some pointers.

    Alas, the dreaded inability to find the right hardware. I must have a hundred pieces of all kinds. Yet, when it's time to find the right one for the pattern, I always end up having to buy a piece or two. Thankfully eBay has some good prices if I can wait that long.

  2. Just looking at those eyes I can see another cutie coming up.


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