Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Makers #13 - early :D

Nurdan has been going crazy at work lately so Monday Makers #13 isn't posted yet - I'm sure she'll get to it when she has a chance, but I'll go ahead and post mine since I have things ready ;)  Nurdan take your time!

 Last week I started this wee fox - a free tutorial from Stitched by Crystal - isn't she cute?  She measures about 7"w (not counting her arms) and 17"t including her fluffy little ears :)  She was quite easy to make - the only difficulty I had was that it was hard to tuck her stuffed arms/legs/tail inside to stitch the body back and front together - let's just say that there was some swearing involved :D  I just had to be patient, use lots of pins and go very slowly - and then *poof* - she was done :)  She's actually not fully dressed in this photo - I have 2 ideas in mind to bling her up a bit, and will post another picture when she's embellished to my liking :D  Thanks Crystal for a sweet pattern!

Here's today's start - Barney the Owl - a purchased pattern from Fluff and Fuzz :)  The pattern also includes a matching matching little purse, and I'll be trying it out as well, to go with this little owl :)  I actually cut out 2 owls while I had the pattern out, so that's a head start on another gift, lol.  You can't tell by the photograph, but those purple prints are baby wale corduroy - a sale purchase from a year or two ago - LOVELY fabrics!  :)

Posted to Monday Makers! #13 :)


  1. Your fox is adorable. Thanks for the link, after making Rose I'm really into sewing these adorable little toys.

  2. Your fox has turned out looking very cute :) I like the owl progress too :)

  3. For some reason or another, a pink fox looks cute, whereas a realistic colour just doesn't. Owls - they're cute in any colour.

  4. Adorable! I must make some of these! A trick I've come to use to get the arms, legs, tails, etc.sewn in more easily is to leave some extra length on the part of the pattern that tucks into the body. It's made stuffy-making much less curse-filled.

  5. the fox is adorable! Well done for persevering through the frustration!

  6. Oh my goodness that fox is so adorable - somebody is going to swoon over her! Well worth the angst, I think. Love the owls!

  7. Your fox is so sweet !! I like that fabric too, it's so soft ! Hihi, I also had some difficulties on a pig I was making some days ago (I'll post about it later). Indeed, it was all about the stuffed arms and legs that go inside. It took really a long time because 1 arm wasn't really good inside and finally I stichted it by hand ;-). Now I only put the arms inside, stitch an arm, check, than the other arm, check. The legs stay outside until the end. Than I put one leg inside and the last one is the part where you stuff the softie and put your hand in. At the end it's quicker and saves some swearing ;-) I swear, the pig was almost in the dustbin :-(


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