Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Muaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!! :)

I started sewing this guy last night and didn't stop until he was finished - HE IS CUTE!  He measures about 15"w x 10"t - pattern is from Bedbuggs on Etsy (NAYY).  I've made 3 or 4 of these sharks now - this one is my favourite - I think it's because he's a ginger :D

I'll be posting him as a finish to the next Monday Makers! linky party :D


  1. So cute, love his pearly whites and googly eyes!

  2. Yay for gingers! Looks soft and cuddly in the fabric you've used.

  3. A ginger shark - oh he is way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's true, he's really adorable ! I think I'll make him once so he can hang next to the other ones ;-)

  5. Really cute! I'm terrible at making stuffies. I'm going to bookmark the pattern, though


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