Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hey Pam - this one's for you ;)

My bloggy buddy Pam and I recently gave each other a challenge to complete some specific projects each month - it's a very informal agreement, and we email back and forth with reminders and ideas :)  My goal is to sew 2 gifts and 2 new-to-me projects per month, and hers is to sew 2 gifts and a robot block :)  January is now completed - this is a good time to be in a later time zone - HA!!!!  *winks @ Pam* :)

My gifts were done a few weeks ago - two penguin bags :)  I had trouble with the new-to-me section of the challenge - suffice it to say I need to work on my grommet and paper piecing skills, LOL.  Since I was running out of time I decided to go with a tried and true project to donate to Blue Hills - but I would do them in new-to-me designs.  Somewhat of a cop-out, but the rules aren't written in stone ;) 

The flamingo penguin bib on the left is made with the bib pattern from stubbornlycrafty.  I modified the penguin applique from her zipper bag pattern (which I bought last year) to fit the bib.  I love how it turned out :)   The blue shark bib is a scrap buster - I have enough of all of the fabrics to make several bibs in each of the designs - I'll add a taggy blanket to each set and shoot them off to Blue Hills for the mom/kid reading program :)  I get to post this to Celtic Stitches "New to Me" linky party as well - I'm on a roll!

[X] January challenge with Pam completed ;)

[X] New to Me in January completed :)


  1. I'm tired just reading this post. Where do you find the time???? Awesome!

  2. Ha, ha... I'm going by Canadian time!!! Still didn't get part 2 of the challenge started, but I'll be making up for it this month. I LOVE how you've adapted the monster bib to add the flamingo. The shark bib looks great with the different blue fabrics. You've even added waves with decorative stitches - very effective.

  3. I like the tweaking of the rules! Otherwise I'd have to be considered a total failure most of the time. Love that shark bib in particular.

  4. Oh my gosh Sandra those are so cute!!!!!

  5. The love the little bibs! So cute! I've got a new niece or nephew scheduled to arrive near the end of July, so I might have to try out a couple cute patterns.

  6. Your bibs are so cute. I like the shark one the best.

  7. I love those bibs, the combination of the colors, fabrics, the appliques, everything ! They're just great !


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