Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Makers! #23 :)

And posting on Monday - aren't I just the fancy one!  ;)

Hubby and I went on a Joanns run this past weekend - he offered, I accepted, we had a lovely time :)  I managed to pick up about 25 yards of fabrics on sale, and thanks to a couple of discount coupons from a lovely niece (thanks, Cassendra!) I got an even further discount on quite a few of them - SCORE!  Colour me happy :D

2 yard cuts of these prints - I bought them to make donation tote bags :)  My favourite is the pink elephants!

2 yard cuts (plus about 1/2 yard of each that was an end of bolt remnant) of a couple of my favourite Joanns fabrics - sharks and lime green polka dots - you can never have enough of these in stash, as far as I'm concerned ;)

More stash fabrics I always have on hand - red, and black, tone on tone prints :)

These Halloween prints were on sale for half price, so I picked up 3 yards of the bats and a yard of the dots - enough for 3 pillowcases for next Halloween :)

4 of 5 sub-sections :)
Here are a few things I've started or that I've been working on :D  This free paper pieced block caught my eye so I decided to make one to embellish a tote.  I had forgotten how much fabric gets wasted on these acute angles - it drives me crazy as I really REALLY hate wasting fabric :D   The pattern is very cute though, so if I must waste, I do, after all, have enough fabric for all those angles ;)

 Here are the projects I started for Monday Makers! #23 :)  At the top are 2 heart shaped zipper pouches that I'm making for my little neighbour girls for Valentine's Day.  Bottom row are the pieces all cut out for 2 Oriental boxy bags - the Oriental print and the green batik print, were remnants from a local quilt store - I was able to cut 3 boxy bags from the fabrics (one is already completed).

 Here's a close-up of the threads I used for the first Oriental bag - gold for the (very simple) quilting, green for the rest of the bag.  I have gold dragon charms picked out for zipper pulls for these bags :)

For fun, I'm adding jingle bell zipper pulls to the heart pouches - I have lots in stash, and I found several that had pink in them to match the fabrics I picked :)  These should be fun for the young girls!

 The pink monkey jingle bell I found in stash - I need to get more of these - they're quite adorable :D

I got my Monday Makers! #22 project finished - it was a set of 3 bibs and a taggy.  I just have to throw the pieces in the washing machine before taking a picture - I want to make sure all the seams and ribbons are secure :D  I melted a couple of the ribbons on the taggy when I was finishing it - I had to do a lot of froggy stitching, cut the bad ones out, and add new ones!  Lesson learned - I'll be more careful next time, lol!

Posted to Monday Makers! #23 :)


  1. You find the most awesome zipper pulls. The jingle bells ones are adorable!!! How could you refuse hubby's kind offer.

  2. Love those bells. You know where I'm off to....

    Then I'm gonna try to find the elephant fabric at my Joann's. I have a thing for elephants.

  3. 25 yards of fabric! That was definitely a worthwhile trip :)

    Aren't those bell pulls so cute too!

  4. What a lovely addition and look at those jingle bells! Good job :)

  5. How fun for those little girls :) I wish I was your neighbor!

  6. Those little jingle bell zipper pulls are just adorable! You always have the cutest stuff!

  7. You have become an expert on sewing totes Sandra! Looking forward to the flamingo tote bag! Thank you for linking up with me at Monday Makers!

  8. 25 yards! That would last me the rest of my life but I'm sure you'll whip through it in no time! And I am loving your flamingo :)

  9. You sure are busy. I love your fabrics but my favourite is the owl one. Great paper piecing. I wish I could do that.


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