Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday Makers! #20 - first MM of 2015 :)

HA I just checked Nurdan's blog to see how much time I have to get my MM post in - I have 33 minutes - I forgot about the time difference!  I think I made it one time with 2 or 3 minutes to spare, though, so I'm not even close to being too late *she says with a sneaky grin* :)

I started 2 projects today - these are gifts.  I made some for Christmas 2014 and they were a hit, so I'm going to try again with some different young ladies :D  Here are the two bags ready to be appliqued (which will also quilt the fabric) - the pattern is from stubbornlycrafty on Etsy, and I've made about half a dozen of these cuties now - SO cute, and SO easy :) 

In a related "Monday start", equally worthy of being a Monday Maker - I pieced scrap batting for the penguin bags - scraps saved from going into the trash, and $$ saved by not having to buy more batting for a while - that's a win in my book :)

I did get last week's MM projects finished - 2 composition book covers.  The pictures were coming out too dark so I'll try again tomorrow.

I hope everybody had a safe and fun New Year - hubby and I stayed home NYE as usual, and our company didn't come because the Mrs. got sick. On New Year's Day we had a big family lunch with hubby's family - the only person missing was a niece and g-nephew who are in a different province - the rest of the gang was there - we range in age from 20 months to 70 years old!  It was a GREAT get-together :)


  1. Sandra' s novelty pouch factory is up and running for 2015! You are a veritable fount of fun pouch patterns :)

  2. I can believe those bags were a hit ! They're marvelous !

  3. You should create a series of "zoo animals", either as stuffed animals or pouches/bags! Those penguins are so lovely!

  4. I'm not at all surprised the little bags were a hit last year. Good idea to make more this year - speeds up the process when you don't have to keep referring to the pattern.

  5. THESE ARE ADORABLE!!!! I love their cuteness! :)

  6. Can I assume you have lots of owls up there in the north country or is it just IN your house? I'm sure these will be finished before the deadline. I think you get to go by the very last time zone in these challenges. That's the way I've always done them. Then again, that may be why I've not been invited to join any of them for a while now....

  7. I can't wait to see your finished penguin pouches! I've been doing a little sewing in the past couple days since we've been off of school for extreme cold weather.

  8. I'm laughing at Celtic Thistle's comment - how true is that! Great save on the batting!


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