Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween and Christmas finishes :)

I can never figure out why two photos taken in the same place within seconds of each other, will come out so differently. Case in point - these two pics were LITERALLY taken seconds apart, in my basement.  Bizarre!  Weird colour shenanigans aside, I made a bunch of candy corn zippies this year for the greats (niece + nephews) and my young neighbour kiddies - I tucked candy inside, then tucked the zippy into a Halloween cello bag with glow in the dark bracelets and rings - I think the kids will like them :D

Here are most of the other candy corns I did - I think I made 11 altogether :D  I'm quite pleased with how these turned out - IIDSSM, I think they're adorable :)  (The actual colour is brighter than the photo shows - this is another example proving my lack of camera savvy!)

Halloween pillowcases for a couple of the greats - I had different fabric bought for the cuffs but - as other sewers know, fabric can shrink a LOT when it gets washed, and mine did!  It shrunk so much that it wasn't usable for the cuffs, so I used stash fabric instead.  Thank goodness for a huge stash *ahem* :D

May I introduce you to Casper?  I finished him last night - he's a Christmas gift for a little one in the family :)  The pattern is Cosmo Caterpillar from Two Little Banshees - I can't find it available online anymore - I got it, ages ago, @ fatquarershop.  It's very quick and easy to work up.  I got the Very Hungry Caterpillar ribbon (used on the bib) from Ebay a while ago - it's actually what the gift is themed after :D

Things don't always work out as planned - my first attempt at the caterpillar gift set, didn't go as well as I would like.  I matched the flannel I used, to the colours of the actual Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The sewing is fine, I didn't (and still don't) like the look of the finished pieces - they look too plain, too boring.  I knew I wouldn't be happy gifting them because they don't feel *right*.  When I saw Casper in blue, I knew I'd made the right decision to redo him :D

Posting to Celtic Thistle Stitches' Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for October (blue gift set) and to New to Me for October (the candy corn and caterpillar #1 :D)


  1. Wish I was coming to your house for Halloween, lol, love those candy corn zippies! And of course I love your caterpillars....such a darling set!

  2. Casper is absolutely adorable Sandra. I bet your Candy Corn zippies go down a treat too!

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me and Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too :)

  3. Love the zippies! I also love BOTH caterpillars! It's nice to see you on the blogs again! Those are going to be great presents~~~~ :) Hugs Mickie :)

  4. Great gift for Halloween-ers I just handed out small packs of sweets!

  5. Very cute little gifts there, love the hungry caterpillar!!
    Photography is a funny thing, I can't work out how 2
    pics can look different like that either. lol Nice though.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. When I see the two caterpillar sets together, the blue set really stands out. I liked the original, but it's not a patch on the second.

  7. How sick is that I want to go to Blue Hills to steal the green caterpillar? Sometimes even I worry about me. I will admit that the new caterpillar is adorbs. If what you are saying is that I will not be able to get the caterpillar pattern, I am very unhappy! I have been counting on doing that one! Yes, I know I have dozens of other stuffy pattern, but I really wanted to steal your whole idea with the book, stuffy, and bibs for Agnes. I will find that pattern! Nothing can hide on the internet or so they say. Wish me luck.

  8. I love your caterpillars! The blue one is especially cute but both are lovely :)

  9. Great job ! The caterpillars are really cute, especially Casper !! Lovely name, by the way (my son's name is Jasper ;-) )


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