Friday, October 9, 2015

Zero calorie candy corn :D

I wanted to make a little Halloween zipper pouch for a young lad I'm going to see this Thanksgiving weekend - it turned out pretty darn cute!  I'll get some candy tonight and tuck it in the bag for a treat :)  I printed this colouring page at 75% of the original size, and got sewing.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and I hope the recipient likes it!  It measures 5" wide at the bottom, and is 7" tall.  It's big enough to hold several treat sized candy bars and some Halloween erasers ;)  (Shhhhhhhhh don't tell, I already ordered a Halloween DVD to be delivered to him next week - I love Amazon Prime :D)

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and readers - I hope you get to see family, and have a wonderful meal, and feel as stuffed as a turkey afterwards :D  That's my plan, anyways - my husband and I and both of our boys are headed out tomorrow to visit my family for the weekend - there may even be a quick run into Ogdensburg for a Joanns visit - I'm taking my coupons and always on-going shopping list, just in case!  ;)

Stay safe on those long weekend/holiday roads, my friends!


  1. Super cute, Sandra! Guaranteed to bring some smiles from the lucky recipient. :o)

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. That is really cute, Sandra!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  3. Very cute! Hope you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend and that you were able to make that trip to JoAnn's, too... I went there yesterday and was going to buy some fabric, until I found out the piece I wanted was not on sale... so, no thank you. I'll go back and hope it's still there when I have a 50% off coupon.

  4. You certainly got my interest at zero-calorie Sandra:) What a great gift.

  5. That is a very clever pouch design. I hope you had a lovely weekend :)

  6. Turned out really well, Sandra. Time with the family is the best, what ever the celebration.


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