Friday, October 16, 2015

This is for you, Allie :D

I started a project recently so I would have some handwork to take with me during our road trip last weekend to visit my family for Thanksgiving.  I'm making a couple of very simple zipper bags, but I decided to add some beads to them to tart them up ;)  I did a couple  last year for my old aquafit teachers - they worked out really nicely, and the recipients were VERY happy with them (which of course made me even VERY HAPPIER :D) :)  Allie - here's the fabric I was telling you about - isn't it pretty?  I don't even remember where it came from, and I only had a small piece that was just big enough for two zipper bags. The colours are really rich - it's a lovely print - it may have come from our Canadian Fabricland, but it would have been years ago :D

Fabric has been quilted, and some beads have been added


More beads :D

Here are the beads I'm working with, and at the top are the 2 zipper pulls I made to go on the bags when they're completed :)

I think these will be really pretty when they're finished!


  1. I know these will be very pretty Sandra!

  2. Very pretty! I used to have a whole PILE of this fact, I may still have it somewhere. I have had it an embarrasingly long amount of time, because I know exactly when I bought it and that was during my student teaching in Kentucky, which was in the fall of 1996! I think I bought mine at walmart... Anyway, I really like it :)

  3. Oh Sandra they really are gorgeous - the beads are THE perfect touch!!! I'm pretty sure that fabric is from Joann's [isn't it always?] because I think I had some years ago, and I only bought from Joann with a coupon. I love it with the beading!

  4. The fabric by itself is lovely, but embellished with beads, it's going to be GORGEOUS!!!


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