Saturday, December 12, 2015

More December finishes

Here's a bib I whipped up for a little guy who shall not remain nameless :D

I already posted the Retreat Bag on the right in this picture, but not the one on the left.  This is such a great bag design - I got a bunch more frames in the mail from Janelle so after Christmas there will be more Retreat Bags coming out of my sewing dungeon, lol!  This one bag (on the left) will go into the Bag It! challenge (the other one has already been sent in) :)

I did a couple of simple puppets for a birthday gift -  I was able to use up some bits and pieces of fleece scraps to make these - I even used up some rattail scraps, lol.  Wish I'd thought of the latter when I first started stitching them, but I'll remember for the next ones :D  I couldn't put buttons on them because there's a baby in the family, but when I make more, I'll add some of the eye beads I have in stash - that would be really cute :D  I do believe that a frog will be joining the group soonish :D

Posting to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for December :)


  1. Adorable, as always! I'm "still" waiting for my retreat frames to arrive, which is fine because I have so many other things to make before I can make any of those. The bib is adorable! I just finished cutting out some baprons, that I have to get sewn tonight so that I can get them in the mail tomorrow (well, if the automated postal center is working). Wish me luck!

  2. Very nice! like those cute puppets.

  3. What a great mix of makes Sandra, that little fellow is going to look very smart on Christmas morning!

  4. Your puppets turned out great. Love the rattail hair.

  5. Cute puppets! I do love the retreat bags. Will you show us a picture of the frames?


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