Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Two more Not a Hot Pad Zipper Pouches :D

Christmas sewing continues - these two pouches are for my sweetie little neighbour girls (5 & 8) :)  There will be goodies tucked inside these pouches - can you say ... lipstick pens?! ... and other fripperies - girls are a lot of fun to sew and shop for :D  The tutorial and pattern are available here - it's in hot pad format, but her hot pads always looked like zipper pouches to me, so there was simple hacking involved :D  Staci thanks again for such a cute pattern (and the whole hot pad of the month THEME, which is providing me with many zipper pouch ideas, LOL!) :)

Up next - some housework (boo hiss), some mending (boo hiss) and then [working on a poop pillow] or [getting ready for dinner out with DS1's girlfriend] - I'm not sure in which order those last two things will happen as it depends on timing :D There will be fun - I just don't know which fun is coming first, lol!  If you're wondering about the poop pillow ... you ARE wondering about that, aren't you??!! ... this is a topic a bloggy buddy and I have been discussing for a month or more - she beat me to the toilet punch!  Check out her version here :D  Hi Bay Leaf!  :D

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  1. They're gorgeous and the girls are going to be so happy with it, I'm sure. I was still looking for a gift idea, and I'm also happy now, because I found one ;-) !! Thanks a lot !

  2. Love the birdies. You see zip pouches in everything! That poo cushion is hilarious!

  3. What a great idea to change hot pad patterns into pouch patterns, you are a pouch genius Sandra :)

  4. Where do you find the energy?!! Love all your posts and ideas and instructions. Keep them coming! Merry Christmas!
    Rae in Sweden


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