Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December bag it finishes - lots of work :D

Of course Christmas sewing is now in full swing, so I have a bunch of finishes to post - and lots of them qualify for the Bag It! challenge, YAY :)

Up first are a couple of drawstring gift bags for some little guys I know, who shall NOT remain nameless ;)

Here's a new to me project - Shark Week pouches :D  The blue one was my trial run, and after I redid his eyes (which were too high), he looks a lot better :D  These close with a snap, and I'm giving them to the younger ladies on my gift list :D

Here's a gift that I'll be mailing out soon - a Retreat bag (without frames), a Shark Week pouch, and some goodies to tuck inside - bone and syringe pens, kitty sticky notes, kitty key cap cover, EOS hand lotion, and chocolates :D

Another gift ready to mail - Retreat bag (without frames), book suitable for a grammie who wouldn't need a Shark Week pouch, chocolates, owl key cap cover, EOS hand lotion, bone and syringe pens, and little leaf sticky notes :)

One last gift ready for mailing - a treats Retreat bag (no frames) with Shark Week pouch, chocolates, bone and syringe pens, sticky notepad, EOS hand lotion, and chocolates.

I'm so pleased to have these all finished and ready to mail - up next at my sewing machine are some puppets :D

Posted to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for December :)


  1. I just love that Shark pouch - so much fun! Thanks for sewing along with elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  2. Oh gosh, those shark bags are adorable!!

  3. Those shark pouches are a groovy idea! What fun.
    Lovely bags and wonderful gifts.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. Look how organized and clever you are! Great gift ideas and loving those shark week bags - too fun.

  5. Soooooo cute! Love the sharks. So you have those syringe pens there too? I adore mine, Sam just pulled his out last night and the "blood" had all dried up. LOL - we're going to get more!

  6. Those shark pouches are brilliant Sandra, you always find the most fun patterns :)

  7. Your retreat bags are fabulous. Loving how different prints give each one such a unique look.

  8. I really like the shark pouch in blue, but I like it even more in the grey and polka dots. Awesome gifts!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shark pouch!!! Well done!


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