Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm just a puppet on a string ... or on a table, at least :D

Gift sewing is well underway now - here are some photos of finishes from the last week :)  Blogger, as usual, has it's own ideas about photo and text placement - apologies for the weirdness  >:)

"Use up scraps" flex frame bags - they'll go to Blue Hills :)

I'm very pleased with this hand puppet!  I didn't have a pattern to go by so I found a basic puppet pattern online, and modified it to be more beaverish.  He's perched over a spool of bobbin thread to keep him upright - you can see him leaning against it in the last picture.  He may or may not have gotten into the eggnog last night, hence the leaning ... ;)  This is a Christmas gift, that will go with Brandon Beaver that I made recently :)

This bag is made from fabric from a set of FQs I picked up ages ago @ Joanns - this will go to Blue Hills - the picture at the bottom is a close-up of the doggy charm I used for the zipper pull - it's antique looking, not holey or damaged, lol. 

 This bag is a Christmas gift for someone with a much loved dog - they travel with her so I thought that she could use the bag to carry her immunization information, any medication she takes, and perhaps some fancy doggy treats :D  The close-up at the bottom shows the twin needle quilting and the bead I used for the zipper pull :)

After I took this picture the camera went blaruupzzzt so I didn't get to take a photo of the inside.  This is my second Retreat Bag, and will be a Christmas gift.  I love this design :D  The pattern is free, and the frames are available here (NAYY).  I have more frames coming, and will be making more of these for Christmas gifts :)   My first Retreat Bag is here - it turned out a bit floppy because I didn't use enough interfacing.  This one is quilted with regular quilt batting layered with Pellon Featherweight sew-in interfacing - that's what was easily accessible to me so that's what I used.  The combination is JUST right :)  The lining is also interfaced, but with Pellon lightweight iron-on interfacing - I buy it buy the bolt from Joanns, where it's 1/4 of the price it is here in Canada :D

Hmmmmmmm I just looked at all of my pictures - the fabrics for all the bags came from Joanns trips, and the fabric for the puppet was from our LQS - apparently I do a lot of shopping @ Joanns ;)

Posting to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for November, New to Me for November, and Bag It!  :)


  1. So many cute bags, and already with plans for use. That is wonderful!
    I'm from the Beaver State and think your puppet is particularly adorable!

  2. We can see you shop @ Joanns! lol Lovely fabric though and the bags
    you've made are super duper. The retreat bag is sweet. You are very clever
    my girl!
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. You are organised! I'm working on a thank you zippy pouch at the moment, then need to get started on them for assorted girlfriends, colleagues and family! Just a few then!!!!

  4. Oh Sandra, wonderful gifts! Love your bags and the flowery one is so lovely. I like the shape very much! Thanks for the link to the pattern. Will hop over to!
    The puppet is so cute, well done! I am sure it will be loved and used very much! The boxy pouches are just perfect with these sweet fabrics. Great inspiration!
    Have a wonderful sunday, hugs Martina

  5. Great selection of Bags! Thanks for sewing along with Elm Street Quilts Bag It.

  6. Something that occurred to me when you said you re-ordered the frames; with this pattern, you can sew everything before you insert the frames. You don't have to wait on a hardware order for a finish.
    Loving your beaver gift set.

  7. An amazing collection! I love the beaver :)

  8. I have never heard of twin needle quilting - that's cool. Do you just use a twin needle with a walking foot? Ha, ha... you must spend a lot of time online looking for zipper pulls. You always seem to find one that matches perfectly.

  9. You look very organised. And Joanns obviously has some lovely fabrics, especially that doggy one, very cute and so perfect for the bag.

  10. Girl, I've SEEN you shop at Joann's, and yes you do go a little mad, lol!!! So fun shopping with you. I love your bags, but that puppet, and Brandon Beaver - *swoon* - love love love them!!!

  11. I wondered where Santa's elves shopped. ;o)

    Lovely gifts, Sandra! Your tipsy puppet is so cute - love that you do themes for your gift giving. Happy stitching!


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