Monday, November 23, 2015

Boxies for Bag It! and Busy Brown Beavers :D

I've been busy!  I wanted to make some boy themed bags for the counselling center this month - I still have more cut out, but here's what I have so far.  The first 4 can be entered into Bag It!, but the shark bag was finished in October so it's not being entered.  It would win a prize for sheer cuteness, but just not in Bag It, LOL!
Boy boxy bags for Bag It - I have another one (or two?) bag(s) kitted from this fabric as I wanted to use up the whole piece :D

Several more boy bags for Bag It! ... and check out the goldfish zipper pull on the fish bag!  ;)

SHARK!!!!!!   I'm very sure a young lad will quite enjoy tucking his treasures inside this cutie (I can't resist picking some of this fabric up whenever I go to Joanns - I hope they carry it forever :D:)
My first Brandon Beaver project - pattern from Shiny Happy World (NAYY) :)  He's very easy to make!  Thanks Nancy for the wool for his sweet cheeks :D  The book behind him is another part of the gift - I got it from :D

This is what he looks like from behind - the stitches closing him up look like they were done by a mad scientist or drunken surgeon - if the fabric had been more patterned my poor stitches wouldn't show so badly :D  I'm going to have to rip them out and redo them - I can't gift it the way it looks - it's making me crazy :D

His tail, though!  I like big tails and I canNOT LIE!  :D

This post will go to Bag It!, Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for November, and New To Me in 2015 also for November :)


  1. Love your Beaver. If you hadn't of pointed out your wonky hand-sewing, I would never have seen it.

  2. Really great bags but the Beaver is fantastic!!

  3. What a wonderful beaver and such fun bags!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. oh that is so fun and cool! love your beaver!

  5. That beaver is bloody brilliant!

  6. Those boxy bags are fabulous with the large handle and the ever so cute zipper pulls. You choose the best fabric. The beaver is fun, too. I've never seen a beaver, even at the zoo.

  7. That Beaver is just adorable!
    I must go on a hunt for zipper pulls!

  8. Awwww! I just bought the fabric for the inchworm and now you are making me want to make a beaver, too. You slave driver! BTW, I see what you mean about the red, green, black inchworm fabric combo. I loved it in your photo, but now that I have it sitting in from of me for sewing--not so sure I like it. Guess I need to go to Joann's today. How I suffer form my crafts...

  9. What fun fabrics. They make these boxy pouches so cute! Especially with those charms! And I love the beaver veery much too!
    Hugs Martina

  10. I love this beaver, and his tail is brilliant!

  11. This little beaver is adorable! I love the stitching on his tail :)


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