Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bag It!

A few days ago I came across the Elm Street Quilts blog post that mentioned a fun project Patty is hosting in November (and into December) - she calls it Bag It!  Of course I had to investigate further - I think I could be persuaded to make a zipper bag or two (or twenty!) to celebrate Bag It :D  I've put her button on my sidebar so you can go take a peek at the latest posts about this fun series :)

I've already completed a few bags this month to post - hopefully the sun is out tomorrow so I can get some pics.  In the interim, here's something I started today that I hope will finish into a worthy entry ;)  I'm planning on trying some new and fun bags for this - if I don't post some new goodies, please feel free to give me a figurative kick in the a$$!  ;)


  1. I like your latest bag Sandra. It sounds like that party was just made for you :)

  2. Ooh, a fish bag. That is going to be CUTE!!!

  3. Sweet little blue bird! Great idea for an entry, Sandra. So tempting to join you, but for now, will be cheering you on! Can't wait to see what else you've been making....

  4. This one is looking like a winner already. I will hold you to that kick, too. it will have to be a virtual one😄


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