Monday, March 14, 2016

Dolphins and construction vehicles - finishes to report :D

 Here's a set of drawstring bags (about 9.5" x 12") I whipped up using a valance (or table topper?) I picked up at the thrift store a month or two ago.   They're all lined with a light blue fabric that I got on clearance ages ago - the construction fabric is all used up now - it was a good investment for two bucks!

Last month I decided to start using up some of the ebay craft supplies I've bought over the years.   My first pick was a set of 10 rather ugly dolphin pulls (they looked nicer in the auction, than they did when they arrived, lol).    I decided to make zipper bags (surprise!) using denim jean scraps, zippers from my extremely large zipper supply, and assorted batiks and scraps for the linings.  I think operation Use Up Ugly Dolphins was a success ;)

Dolphin zippy #1 - front

Dolphin zippy #1 - back 
Dolphin zippy #2 - front
Dolphin zippy #2 - back

Dolphin zippy #3 - front
Dolphin zippy #3 - back
Dolphin zippy #4 - front
Dolphin zippy #4 - back

Dolphin zippy #5 - front
Dolphin zippy #5 - back

That's it for now - I need to go put a ham in the oven to get it ready for supper, LOL.


  1. I just love those Dolphin pouches, funny, those zipper pulls look adorable in your pictures!! :D

  2. The pulls look super cute with the pouches having the dolphins appliquéd onto them. I'm all for using up supplies that have been languishing in the stash. Can't wait to see more!

  3. You have had great fun with those dolphin pouches Sandra they all look wonderful. Congratulations on using up those longstanding supplies too, now you have the perfect excuse to indulge in some retail therapy to replace them :)

  4. You might think they're ugly, but I bet the recipients are going to LOVE them. Congrats of some serious stash busting!

  5. Wow those are cute, the pulls look darling in the photos - good for you!!!

  6. Kids will love these - well done on using stuff!

  7. Your denim dolphin pouches look great. Love the contrasting stitching on the denim and well done on using up supplies that you were not overly keen on.


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