Friday, March 18, 2016

DS1 found the "Easter eggs" I left him :)

DS1 just emailed me about what I left on his laptop, HAHAHA!  Here's what I did:

Part 1 -  some fun homepage links -
Part 2 - the desktop picture -

He must not have noticed the desktop photo - I just got this email from him.  LOL me?  Creepy?  Not creepy - 12 year old boy-iffic!!  I do love it when a plan comes together :D

"So I just opened the laptop. You have some rather disturbing tabs there. "Fetish sex goldfish bacon", "reverse mortgage - aka how to screw your children", "swinging for old people and "singers conventions?  I sure do hope that was meant to be seen because if not, holy *censored* creepy."

It's these kind of things that make motherhood worthwhile :)


  1. I am sure you brightened up his day Sandra and that is what mothers are for!

  2. Ten points to you! How will he get revenge???

  3. Better watch out here. Remember that the children will be the ones choosing the nursing home. Then again, maybe this will encourage them to pick a fun nursing home such as one for swingers. I'm sure that our generation will demand nursing homes with key parties, right?

  4. This is the cutest prank I've seen in a long time - what a hoot!


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