Saturday, March 26, 2016

I had a whale of a time ...

... and I should get kicked in the hiney for that pun, lol.   A while ago I pinned a whale stuffy, and recently decided that it looked more like a zipper bag than a stuffy, so I opened up the novelty pouch factory and made a new-to-me - this is what I ended up with :D

Eye close-up - layered buttons :)  This adorable girl - I call her Hermione - went right into my gift box for Christmas, and she shall eventually have some brothers and sisters :D  Not only is she new to me and a Christmas gift, she counts as another 52 in 16 zipper bag design - she's a THREEFER :D

Here's another Christmas present done and dusted - I had a little scrap of the car fabric so I pieced on some more scrap fabric, and added a really REALLY cool tab pull on it :)   This too went into my Christmas gift box because it's VERY adorable (IIDSSM) :)

Close-up of the tab pull :)
Another close-up of the car :D

I made a bunch of finger puppets for Easter for the kids in the family.  I posted some of them here, and here are the rest I finished up.  No dent was made in felt or feather or pompom stash ;)

And a last new-to-me finish - I've made humbug/triangle bags before but a friend recently sent me a link to a tutorial for making them with no raw edges.  I gave it a try, and it worked perfectly, so I whipped these up for the little girls next door :)

Here are the zipper pulls
I made for the pouches :)

This post will be linked to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew (car and whale bags), and New to Me (whale pouch, and new-to-me no raw edges finish), for the March linky parties :)


  1. Fab pouches Sandra! Love the whale and the zip pulls (the car and the ones you made) are fab! I also like the way you stage your photos

  2. Such wonderful pouches, Sandra! The whale is amazing and all your zipper pulls are fab. I also LOVE those finger puppets. You really should open a shop :) Happy Easter! x

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Somebody has been really busy. Those zipper pulls make me so jealous!. I've tried beading, but cannot figure out how to get the plastic "string" tied off without a big ugly knot that doesn't seem as though it will stayed tied anyway. How do you do it????

  4. "..No dent in the feather, felt, or pompom stash..."
    No truer words were ever said.
    Loving your super awesome zipper pulls!

  5. Gorgeous combination of fabrics on the car zippie!!! I love brown and blue together. The beaded zipper pulls on the triangle pouches look great. How have you attached them to the zipper? That whale zippie is super cool, too.

  6. Wow cute overload today!!! LOVE Hermione, and my Hermione is honored. Actually she's in her cat cave under the piano bench, but she'd be honored if she actually cared. What the hey, she's a cat. That car pull is too cute for words!!!!!

  7. Sandra that box of Christmas pouches must be near to overflowing and it is only March! You are an example to us all:)

    Love the car zipper pull too.

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me and Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too, you are a star :)

  8. A great selection of pouches Sandra, you are going to be so organised by December! I love the ladybug zipper pulls.

  9. A great selection of pouches Sandra, you are going to be so organised for Christmas! I love the ladybug zipper pulls, they are very cute.

  10. You're really in time for your Christmas gifts ! Hermione is such a lovely whale ! I think she would be very happy with some brothers and sisters. The kids will certainly love them ! You always find the coolest tab pulls in the world !! Ooooh, the car zipper pull is too cute !

  11. Love the whale! And want to see the pyramid purses with no raw edges, so off to follow the link, thanks X


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