Thursday, April 27, 2017

6 little pillowcases, hanging on the line ...

... the wind blew them around and then they were fine so I waited for it to calm down then took some pix :D

Finally the sun is out so I can get some pix of finished projects - these pillowcases were stitched up this month, and believe it or not, I always ALWAYS press them after they're finished.  That isn't very evident from these photos, though!  After my projects are completed and pressed I fold them up and put them in a Rubbermaid container to keep them dust free until I can get pictures - that doesn't work well on pillowcases, it would seem!  Just imagine them crisply pressed :)

The 6 pack :D

Pretty gingham with little flowers :)

Dinosaurs :)

Construction (left) and leaves (right) :)
I'll hand these off to my friend Amanda tonight @ aquafit for delivery to Blue Hills - that's 6 meters of stash "done and dusted"!  :)


  1. Just me , Miss Curiosity; For donation:: Do you just serge the inside seams or do you finish with french seams?

  2. Yay for pillowcases! I was just thinking last night that I need to make myself a new pillowcase (not that I don't already have plenty, but still.... ) Yay for using up the stash, too!

  3. 6 metres used you say? That must leave room for some lovely new fabric to fill that gap :)

  4. 6m of stash - great going! Pink gingham with flowers - VERY pretty!

  5. Beautiful! I love the one with leaves :)

  6. Looking fab! Well done. (Any noticeable reduction in stash???)


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