Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Les Grenouilles :D

A couple of months ago I posted a collection of frog themed bags I had done up to use up some scraps and bits and pieces - while rooting around in my stash for something, I found more froggies :) I chopped and quilted and interfaced and zippered, and made 4 front zip pouches for Blue Hills :)  I think I had enough left over for a pillowcase, but I'd have to go looking to see if I'm remembering a real thing, or if my mind is making sh** up :D

Here are the bags hanging on my clothesline - each one is just a little different than the rest.  The quilting was done with a different colour for each bag, and the zipper pulls are different as well.  I'll be delivering these tonight to my counselling center contact.  Hope they like them :)

4 front zip pouches - tutorial by Kristin Link, here :)


  1. Where the #*+# did you find blue clothes pins?? Geez! It's not enough that you make a ton of gorgeous zippies among sooo many other things, but you even found vividly colored clothes pins for the photo shoot. Love that frog fabric and the different pulls you made AND those clothes pins!

  2. 😉 someone really likes your Clothes pins! And I really like your zippered ouches!

  3. Please, Sandra - please please please send me some motivation, lol!!! Love your zippies!!

  4. Your zippies look great! Also loving the solar panels, possibly on your neighbour's rooftop.

  5. These look great. I' sure they'll be very well received :)

  6. Lovely and bright - I'm sure they'll love them. You know, I think a pillowcase IS a thing - maybe a great invention to keep hair grease and sleep drool off the pillows?????

  7. More novelty loveliness Sandra :)


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