Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jungle zipper pouch set :D

The sun is still shining out there - it's a wonderful day! I got another set of projects ready for their photography session, and will deliver them (along with the pillowcases) to Miss Amanda tonight for delivery to Blue Hills :D

Here's the whole set hanging on the line :)

Giraffe drawstring gift bag :)

 The smallest of the zipper pouches

Two more pouches

The last 2 pouches

And finally - the drawstring bag with all the pouches inside :D


  1. They came out so adorable! You have such a kind heart! XO

  2. You always make the sweetest gift sets! I am sure they are greatly appreciated at the Blue Hills

  3. What a lovely row of pouches hanging on that line Sandra, they will certainly make somebody's day :)

  4. The people at Blue Hills are going to love you!!!

  5. What a beautiful blue sky peaking through back there! I also love that giraffe. With all the hoopla about April, the giraffe and her new baby, giraffes are quite popular right now. Some little person will be happy.

  6. Wonderful! You do keep busy. I hope your sunshine stays with you :)

  7. Hi Sandra,wow beautiful pouches and bags,love the giraffe fabric,you will certainly make some people smile,well done x

  8. Perfect for boys and girls! Great finish!!!

  9. All of those bags are darling! I must get back to making little bags--- I miss it!


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