Monday, April 21, 2008

OT: Google Earth - MY HOUSE!!

Our house!!! Even our car and van!!! This is a photo from Google Earth - is free download, is VERY fun!!

I got the idea to post this picture from Elaine Adair's blog - those irrigation pivots she posted about, are tres interesting, and now I'm looking them up to learn more, lol. Here's an image I found, so now I know more about what they look like :)

Thanks for the great idea, Elaine!!


  1. I love doing that! The kids get a kick out of it too...the house we lived in 3 years ago still shows the same pic cause my car, Kim's jeep, and Patrick's truck are all parked

  2. Hey, run out of your house and wave at me! LOL - that view is REALLY clear!

    Thanks for the mention, and what lovely photos of FOOD you have. I absolutely cannot even LOOK at it or there will be another pound or two on me.

  3. Wonder if you can print from Google Earth. You could use an image of someones neighbourhood as gift wrap or for those scrapbooking people, incorporate it into the card. could print it on fabric and incorporate it into a quilt..... Hmm. Probably this is an already-done-that idea!!


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