Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I changed the quilt plans a bit ...

Fooled around with EQ to change the donation quilt a little bit --- I want to have cornerstone blocks (which I've never done before), so I'm going to try to do a double border - an inner border of a plainish batik, with another border of pieced batik scraps. I even figured out how to manipulate my project in EQ to reflect these changes! *struts* :)

I got 5 more blocks done yesterday, and then I started on the pieced border. I may be able to get all the blocks done by Friday, which would be really good, as hubby and I are leaving for New York on Saturday morning. I'd like to work on finishing the quilt when we get back on Sunday! (Joanns here I come!!)

5 more blocks done for today, so 15/35 are completed - I'm seeing progress!


  1. Hi Sandra,

    Kim from 25 weeks group. I love your cat quilt. A dear friend of mine is a cat lover (obsessed, perhaps) and this would make a lovely gift for her. Did you design this quilt or buy the pattern?

  2. I emailed you directly from the yahoo group, Kim (I hope I got the right Kim!) - but just in case, here's the url for the pattern -- http://tinyurl.com/4a9xg9

    Sandra :)


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