Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shopping in New York :)

I admit it - it THRILLS me to go to New York for the weekend ... to stay in a crappy cheap hotel, to shop in 3 or 4 Joanns stores and a couple of Walmarts ... what can I say - I'm a CHEAP DATE!! We went to the Buffalo area this weekend - left the kids home alone (gotta love having teenagers that can takes care of themselves and that don't get into too much trouble!) (although they sure made a mess in my kitchen while we were gone - there wasn't a clean plate or piece of clean silverware around when we got home, LOL) - I picked up some goodies in my favorite stores, had a nice dinner out (steak, yay), hit NO traffic at the border in either direction, and were lucky enough to get waved through customs without having to pay anything! I should buy a lottery ticket!

The batiks I bought ... a 2 1/2 yard piece, then several 1/2 yard pieces, then 5 FQ's I found on clearance of a tone on tone creamy batik - really pretty! In front - the kitty cat button I got at the quilt show at the Amherst Museum, and the set of fabric that my husband won as a doorprize at the quilt show, LOL!! He very generously donated them to his loving wife, for a price *wink* *wink* ;)

Loralie Harris "Sew Girls" panel (from the quilt show), 2 X 1/2 yard and 1 X 1 yard background fabrics in creams/light colors, a 14" X 60" remnant of doggy fleece (for donation bibs, I think - $1.80), a couple of pieces of warm and natural (freebies from the quilt show), and a little floral remnant I found at Walmart for 46 cents :D

Fun goodies! Knifty Knitter set, with an extra "hook" and pattern book, some yarn to try the above-noted knifty knitter ;), 2 sewing patterns, a red/white kitchen tea towel (50 cents @ Goodwill - I *told* you I was a cheap date!), transfer pencil for making foundation pieced blocks, white thread, a wing needle, some beads for some future craft projects, a beautiful Aunt Martha transfer set (for a gift), and a "hump jumper" - aka a Jean-a-ma-jig, for sewing over lumpy parts of projects ;)

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  1. You got some great and fun stuff!!
    How did hubby go up and get his winnings, enthusiastically or sheepish? LOL! I can't wait till you use your wing needlea nd then show me how to do it.


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