Wednesday, April 23, 2008

20/35 blocks now done :)

I just came upstairs for a break - have been in the dungeon/studio most of the morning, and it's dark and dreary down there!! Also, the cat is up here and ... HOLY CRAP I SEE A HUGE SPIDERWEB 2' away from me --- how the ... what the ... ???!! It goes from the edge of the stereo speaker to the cushion of the couch ... how on earth could THAT happen???! Well, I was going to vaccuum today anyways, so I'll make sure I take care of that freakish thing!

Anyways - I got 5 more blocks done today, and I must say - looking at them all up on the design wall is a quite a pleasure!! The individual colors, to look at each block - are nothing special, but when you look at the whole project with all the colors together, it's really striking! That's GOOD! LOL!!! The blocks are trimmed to 13" X 10" so my 20.5" ruler is coming in QUITE handy - I'm glad I bought it! Even tho it's a bit awkward to use, it's definitely a useful beast :)


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and "delurking." I will admit that I frequently peek into your blog as a lurker too. Oh well, I wish we had more time in the day to be able to comment on every blog we visit. By the way, I always have a nice time browsing your blog because it is filled with wonderful quilting and food pics! Have a nice weekend!

  2. wow! you said its a donationquilt, do you have my address? ;)


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