Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quilters Dozen ;)

I'm working on this project, starting with the September block. Here are the sections I have done so far - I need to do one more apple, and the checkerboards, then put the pieces together. Each miniature wallhanging finishes up to 16" X 20" (I think - I'm going by memory, lol). I'm going to change some of them - I don't really like the February one and might borrow a groundhog/heart idea I saw on a webshots album belonging to Wilma, who is the sister of a quilty friend of mine in Ohio (hi, Patty!) ... I still have a few months to plan :) I'll probably eliminate most of the applique and replace it with paper piecing :)

Of course, I might just finish one block and never get the rest done - that's entirely possible as well ... ROTFL!!!

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