Thursday, November 12, 2009

Although she's pretty ...

my KA mixer needed a cover! The pattern came from - it was quite easy to make, although it took me far more time than I expected. Before I got started this morning my plan was to finish two of these today. Didn't happen! It wasn't that the pattern was difficult, it was that I needed to do a test drive first, which involved running up a muslin version - then I needed to quilt the fabrics. Construction itself was quick and easy (two seams, LOL) but I had never made bias binding before - that was fun! (NOT!) Attaching the binding was a PITA, and involved quite a bit of hand sewing. Yes, I'm one of those people that stitches the second side of binding down by hand :D

The project is finished and lovely, and I'm sure the next one will go a LOT quicker!

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  1. It came out well and I too, am one of those people that always sews the second side of binding down by hand. I actually like that part.


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