Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deliveries made today ...

Today hubby drove me to the shelter in East Gwillimbury where we dropped off a container of pillowcases (about 50 of them!!!!) plus 6 quilts I've made in the last couple of years.  Then we went to the thrift store and dropped off a bunch of junk valuable goodies ... then it was off to the OSPCA  in Newmarket where we dropped off a bunch of cage quilts and some donation items for their next fundraiser.  The ladies I met up with at the OSPCA were delightful and most appreciative of the stuff I brought in.  I'll definitely be making them more goodies!  We saw lots of beautiful cats in the viewing rooms - it was hard to walk out without a new kitty - I wish I could have brought them all home with me!  We did tell Zoomer that he needs to be on his best behaviour or he's history ;)  (that's a joke - he's beyond spoiled, and definitely rules the roost, lol).

Pictured - projects from the last day or two - the last of the breast cancer pillowcases, 3 cage quilts (18" square, 20" square and 26" square), and a tote bag with matching zipper bag.

Edited to add a whiney gripe:  when I dropped off the p-cases and quilts at the people shelter, the person who took them was a young man of about 18.  Very polite, but it didn't make my day to drop off 50 handmade pillowcases and 6 handmade quilts, with the only comment from the shelter being "Thanks, I'll take these to the laundry room".   I didn't make the stuff for the accolades, and I know a kid doesn't care about (and I'm sure didn't even notice!) the handmade aspect, but it mattered to ME, right or wrong. I'll be doing some research before deciding on the recipient of my next batch of pcases/quilts.


  1. Lovely work!

    I don't blame you being miffed about the attitude of the 18 year old. Our handmade goods have our heart and soul in them!

  2. I understand how you feel - and to add insult to injury the comment about take them to the laundry???? Like you would bring them "dirty" items??? I am so sorry that they hurt your feelings - maybe there is another window that is suppose to open for you?

    All of your handmade treasures look so beautiful to me.I can tell that you put a lot of thought and hard work into creating them.

    Makes me think of when I had found Lynne/my sewing teacher /friend! I had high hopes ! I wanted to find someway to "give back" . I was online searching and I ran across a site that you could help our young soldiers who had got injured . I Loved the idea and I sent off for the patterns that they use for all the different handicaps. I still want to tackle the project - but have not got to the educated stage of being able to figure out how to put it together. Yet? But I still want to do it.

    I can tell that you are a special gal because you desire to "give back" for the gift you have. I wish you all the luck in your search for which path to take.

  3. Oh, my dear, I can relate to that feeling. So sorry about it, for all your beautiful work. Have you delivered there before?


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