Monday, February 1, 2010

Puppy quilt and cat goodies :)

The quilt is going to a nearby shelter (in East Gwillimbury) and was made using up most of the two puppy fabrics (the remainder of the fabrics have been cut into blocks to go into a future scrap quilt), and most of a piece of blue TOT (backing and binding). It measures 41" square :)
The cat pillowcase and matching zipper bag will also be going to the shelter - this project used up the last of the blue TOT fabric (pcase cuff) and the piece of cat fabric (which was purchased @ Joanns in Ohio last year - hi Trishy, hi, Patty!!!!) :) I had a really nice piece of trim (from Kinkos ... Kinkys? Kijiji? I can't remember the name of the store in Ohio, lol) to embellish the bag and the pcase, but my sewing machine refused to stitch it - the machine kept herking and jerking and skipping stitches, no matter what I tried. Messy! I even tried a ribbon foot but that didn't help. So - no blue trim!

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