Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I needed the patience of Job ...

to sew this paper pieced magnolia block - lawdy lawdy!!!  16 sub-sections, 62 (give or take) pieces - definitely a challenging block!  I wasn't all that happy doing such a detailed block - I used to enjoy them, but now - not so much :D

This is what the finished project looks like - it's Magnolias by Claudia Hasenbach from Germany :)  I bought the pattern a few years ago and am just now getting around to working on it.  Hope to have it finished by the time spring rolls around!! 

The bibs and zipper bags were far easier to complete ;) OH lolol I just realized I photographed the back of the bibs instead of the front - they have red trim on them!  I'll have to get a new picture tomorrow :D


  1. Wow!!! Looks complicated but is going to be beautiful!

  2. I love the magnolia...geogeous! Greetings from snowy, windy Sweden/Rae


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