Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tied baby quilt :)

Yesterday I found a YouTube video on how do a proper knot to tie a quilt - I tried it, and it worked great!  Hey Chris - do you remember the duck fabric?  You gave me some scraps a few months ago - I have enough squares cut out for one more little quilt as well - thanks, milady!!  This quilt measures 35" square, and is backed with the same yellow TOT that's in the top :)

Here are some bibs I made a while ago - I posted them to my blog but I had photographed them backwards (lol) - I'm too lazy to go find the post and change the picture :D
Two more zipper bags for the shelter - the color didn't come out very nice in the photograph - it's a pretty soft blue with ivory dog bones on it :)

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  1. Busy, busy! All your projects look great as usual.


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