Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy birthday Brian ...

Our brother Brian (the baby of the family, and the other redhead :D) would have been 46 today - happy birthday Buzz :)

I've been working hard in my (basement) studio doing a major declutter - in between declutterage and organizationage (yes, they're words, in my world :D) I whipped up some more items for the local animal shelter - a couple of dog print zipper bags (pictured) and a few cat pillows and cage quilts (not pictured).  The zipper bags aren't very good for stashbusting, but the cat pillows and cage quilts are!!  My stash got enhanced yesterday when a girlfriend brought over some fabrics from HER stash (thanks Nancy "Tilda Tavern Wench"!) - they'll be perfect for tote bags for the shelter.  So much to do - so little time :D

1 comment:

  1. Were you buried in all the stuff you decluttered? Is that why you've been MIA? LOL

    I'm sure the poor pups and kitties love lying on those beds you make! How nice.


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