Monday, February 15, 2010

New bedroom furniture (well, new to US, lol)

We bought this vintage (mid 60's) bedroom set a few weeks ago, but just got around to putting everything together.  In the spring we're going to redo the bedroom - new paint, light fixtures, bedding, curtains, lamps etc. (we'll likely keep the carpeting tho - it's a huge bedroom [$$$$$$ to replace] and is in perfect condition).  We got the furniture from kijiji - the seller only lives 2 blocks away, LOL (hi, Anna, hi, Paul!) :)

The headboard, which is almost obliterated by the pillows, and that's only one pillow each - we use 5 altogether, lol.  We'll have to rejig it to make it higher.  I'm sure Dennis will be thrilled ;)

Dennis' nightstand and his necessities - phone and alarm clock :D

My nightstand with my flamingo bag holding my psoriasis lotions and potions :D

A bit of a better view of the headboard :)

Tall dresser - Dennis' dresser :)  (that's our old ugleeeeeeeeeeee headboard on the right).

My dresser - aren't the curved drawers fantastic?  That's what drew me to this set - the shape is so pretty!!

I love my new bedroom set :)


  1. Love the curve in the drawers! You just can't find stuff like that now.

  2. Very pretty! Did you do the bedding/curtains? Love the flamingo basket.

  3. Our bedroom furniture is 2nd hand. I still love it. You are so organized. I'm super impressed with your weight loss and metal tally quotes on the blog!

  4. Love the 'new' furniture! It has curves!

  5. beautiful furnitures.
    have a great day.



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