Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A "whale" of a challenge ;)

A link to a cute whale project was recently posted on a Yahoo group I belong to.  I think I was the one that posted it, actually, lol.  I found and saved the pattern months ago, but hadn't yet started the project.  When I posted it, another member fell in love with the project, so I issued a challenge:  we would both try to make a whale by the end of the month - she accepted my challenge!  So - Barb and I have until March 31 to get THIS delightful project completed! 

It's ON, Barb --- redhead vs redhead ... mom vs mom ... flamingo vs flamingo!!!


  1. Go Sandra and's a cute pattern....and I LOVE the new background!

  2. Hey, that's not the same pattern that I downloaded. I downloaded the one from the selvage blog ~ the one with the open mouth! I guess we'll be doing two different whales ~ but still a whale of a challenge and YOU ARE ON!!!

    ps I just realized that I don't think I've ever seen a pic of you cause I sure didn't know you were a redhead too!

  3. chop chop...waiting to see your Khris

  4. DONE! Posted here....


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