Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I concede defeat!

My whale didn't work out - it died a slow and painful death in my craft room, and was suitably buried at sea (aka thrown into the scrap bin) with little fanfare :D  My fellow challengee Barb, however, not only rose to the occasion, she whipped it's a$$!!!   Sheesh even if I *had* completed a whale it wouldn't have been nearly as divine as hers - she truly made a whale of epic charm and prodigious prettiness!  I think I'll steal her photo and post it here - Barb - I hope you don't mind!!

TA DA!!!  Meet Keiko, Barb's delightful creation - isn't she a beauty??!?!?!   Well done, my fellow flamingo enthusiast - you dun GOOD!!!

While my whale stuffy making may not have been successful, my cooking was :D  Today I had the urge to make pizza for supper for the guys.  I made a bacon and onion pizza ... a pepperoni and onion pizza ... and for dessert, an applesauce spice cake!  The guys said everything tasted great, but I think the bacon pizza deserves special recognition - I humbly believe it might be the most beautiful pizza ever made!  Yes, be amazed by my humility - I am!! ;)


  1. OMG I hope you didn't eat any of that? lol
    Love the whale....I still think you should give it another go....with an easier pattern maybe.
    Hugs Khris

  2. ummmm, spice cake...although bacon and anything is good for me! What willpower you have m'dear!

  3. Those pizzas look amazing ~ should I be insulted I wasn't invited over for some? And thanks for the kudos on the whale! My darling husband posed it on a plate with some soy sauce and chopsticks ~ think sushi! What a guy!


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