Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things have been BLAH for the last couple of weeks :D

I haven't felt like doing much of anything ... my diet is stalled and I can't get past the 20 pound mark even tho I'm 100% on track ... I haven't felt like sewing ... there isn't anything WRONG - the weather is getting beautiful and I'm ever so thankfully experiencing a remission in my psoriasis symptoms (for the first time in 3+ years!) - there's no reason I should be in a funk, so I'm trying to work my way out of it!

Today I made myself go down to the basement (which is dreadfully cold, which is part of the reason I haven't wanted to go down there!) to sew - I made a zipper bag to go with a tote bag I finished a few weeks ago.  Hopefully this means I'm back in sewing mode!

I had some Chapters gift cards so I ordered some books to be delivered:
200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads and Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
I quite like baking bread, even tho I'm not very good at it yet!  I use my KA mixer and I don't make anything fancy - now that I think about it, I've only made focaccia bread so far, lol.  Today I decided to make olive bread to surprise our oldest son - it's on it's second rise right now and will be going into the oven soon :D

The boys bought me a KA icecream attachment for Christmas so I also ordered a couple of ice-cream books:
Ice Cream: 52 easy recipes and Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream -- I'm not a big ice-cream fan but I'm hoping to find some lower calorie gelato or sorbet recipes in the books :)

We got new neighbours this past weekend - I met their 18 month old son yesterday and while his mom was holding him, he reached out his arms to me so I could hold him!  Sweet wee muffin!  That put a BIG smile on my face :)

I'll be headed out for a walk soon - hopefully my funk is over or almost over, and I can get back to being happy about life in general!

P.S.  Edited to elaborate:  my psoriasis has been nicely under control since June with a combination of Humira + steroids, but in the last month it has decided to improve without the steroids I usually use - this has never happened before and it is WONDERFUL!   


  1. Adorable Bag. Love the fabrics. I do hope you get out of your funk soon. I know walking always helps me.
    I don't know that I could sew where it is cold. I can't think ~ my brain freezes. Thank goodness I live in Florida.

  2. Wow Sandra! I think this is your longest post ever!!!

    I know what you mean about your funk. I have those too. I have barely done any stitching or blogging lately. I'm glad you think you're snapping out of it.

    Love the bag, as usual!!!

    Hope you get past your plateau soon and I'm so happy to hear about your psoriasis or lack there of!!!!! :D

  3. I LOVE icecream mmmmmm no matter what kind of icecream it is...: )

    no grandbaby here yet *sigh*


  4. Congrats on the weight loss AND the remitting psoriasis!! Both great news!!

  5. Hey ... look was I can do! No thanks to Firefox. Had to go with IE, but it works!


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