Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stuck @ 16 pounds - dang plateau! But enough about that :D

These are the fabrics I pulled out today to work on a little project -- more about this tomorrow :)

A couple of finishes for the box ... zipper bags and ...

pillowcases :)


  1. cute, cute, those kitty kats..hugs Khris

  2. meow

    tina who has lost only 2 pounds so far

  3. Wonderful bags! The plateau shall pass...
    Mickie who has lost no pounds

  4. Hey Girlfriend where are you Love your items they are GREAT as Tony says.
    Congrats onthe loss.

  5. these are so beautiful!!! I am very impressed.

    And also - I love staticity cat. He looks just like my Monty Cat, although Monty would not stand for any of that video tomfoolery!

  6. Those are all so cute!

    Love the static cat!!

    I've made friends with Aubie & Samantha down here; both very chronologically enhanced souls for sure!


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