Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Notebook covers - tute by Blossom!

Hey Angela - I don't have to eat a bug ... HA!!!  Private joke - don't ask :D  I just finished up 2 little (5"X3") notebook covers to try out a tutorial I found - the tute was written by Miss Blossom, the daughter of Jenny of Elefantz - it worked out perfectly, and each one only took a few minutes to make :)  Thank you, Miss Blossom, for a very nice tutorial!!  


  1. Cute! Good to see your breaking out of your zipper bag addiction! I was starting to worry! LOL

  2. Now just how cute would these be with an initial embroidered on them or a cute little animal. Now to finish figuring out the e-machine. :-)

  3. Hey Sandra, thanks for joining in on the "you know what challenge". I've just posted for this week if you'd like to join in and play.


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