Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Selvages - serious FUNNAGE!

I jumped on the selvage bandwagon a few months ago, and have been saving them since then.  Today I made my first selvage project - it should come as no surprise (right, Aubree?!) that I made a zipper bag, LOL.  I'm sure that over the last 30 years of sewing I've thrown away MILES of selvages.  DAMN - I wish I'd known way back when, how much fun they are to sew with, and how cute they are!  Selvage eye candy and inspiration can be found here and here and here :D
Another finish - some gift bags (2 + 5) made to use up some stash Christmas fabric :) 


  1. Lady, you need to get out of that sewing room of yours!!! Thank goodness your hubby is taking you for some retail therapy this weekend! LMAO

  2. I LOVE IT...I have been saving selvages for ages now and haven't decided what to make just yet....I think I wants some coaster first up...lol..hugs Khris

  3. Aren't selvages so much fun! Now, when I'm considering whether or not to buy a piece of fabric, I look at the selvage to see if I really need it or not!


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